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Books & Articles

Health at Every Size – Lindo Bacon

Doing Harm – Maya Dusenbery

How Healthcare Bias Harms Fat Patients – YourFatFriend

Spoon Theory – Christine Miserandino

Fat History – A List

Lindo Bacon on Weight and Joints


Fat Facts

Before You Make A New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight, Consider Some Fat Facts

Does Dieting Make you Fat? A Twin Study

Weight Science: Evaluating the Evidence for a Paradigm Shift

Lipedema Resources

Lipedema is a condition in which adipose (fat) tissue grows abnormally and forms painful nodules. It seems to be more common among people with connective tissue disease like EDS. But, due to bias and stigma, it is grossly under-researched, so we just don’t know yet why people with lipedema are hypermobile. Please be warned that many lipedema resources are deeply tied to diet culture and may be triggering for people recovering from dieting and eating disorders. I have marked those that are not Health at Every Size (because they advocate weight loss) with a “CW” for content warning.

Lipedema, Part 1 – Well Rounded Mama There are six parts to this series available on the WellRoundedMama blog

CW More Than Fat

CW LipomaDoc – Karen Herbst